My name's Elysionista and I'm going to be uploading my very own fanfictions here, and also be reblogging funny and weird gifs and pictures of my beloved favourite kpop groups.

Hope you enjoy your stay! :) <3

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To all to eremin shippers spamming the ereri tag: please stop. As an eremin shipper myself, I don’t ship ereri, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell an actual person to kill themselves over a fucking ship. It’s fictional god dammit. I’m embarrassed for the eremin fandom who aren’t spamming the…



If you have not experienced, first hand, pedophilia then personally how do you have the right to say that the ereri ship contributes to that. When in every fic I ever read the relationship is consensual or Eren is 16+ and able to make his own fucking decisions. You bastards have nothing wrong with…



okay I’m not too fond of Ereri but y’all are ridiculous

Take a deep breath and let people imagine whatever fictional characters they want fucking each others’ brains out.

Remember that shipping something doesn’t necessarily mean supporting it IRL. Understand that, and take action if they do…

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is there even a police force in sablier because if there is they are doing a horrible job

I lol’d that ! xD

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