My name's Elysionista and I'm going to be uploading my very own fanfictions here, and also be reblogging funny and weird gifs and pictures of my beloved favourite kpop groups.

Hope you enjoy your stay! :) <3

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IIII MISS THE GOOD OLD DAAAAAYYYSSSS seriously dont care about anything in ph right now 
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dammit i really want to do a Pandora Hearts Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU

oz in poofy pink shorts

gilbert crying about oz dying all the time

it’d be perfect

"crying over the death of a fictional character"

 a book by me (via whiteliesarenecessary)

In which Pandora Hearts Dukedom you belong?


In which Pandora Hearts Dukedom you belonge?

My Result: Vessalius(89%)

Being a Vessalius you are social and open to new ideas! Despite you are a royalty, you don’t mind speaking to people with lower social status, or dress and behave in whatever manner you like. You also seem to be a possitive thinker with some humanitarian ideals.

Additional Results:

Vessalius (89%)

Rainsworth (83%)

Nightray (40%)

Baskerville (32%)

Barma (3%)

Visit: In which Pandora Hearts Dukedom you belonge?

Rainsworth 86%
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